Exterior Painting (Steel, Aluminum, Wood, etc.)

Let A+ Painting be the director of your first impression. An attractive exterior will increase your curb appeal and bring more visitors to your business. Entice potential renters to your apartment complex or condos by updating them with a fresh coat of paint. A+ Painting has experience working with a variety of materials, including faded steel, aluminum siding, and wood/log siding.


Roof Coatings

When was the last time your roof had a new coating? If you can’t remember, chances are that you are long overdue. Spare yourself the workman’s comp issue and let our team handle the project. Roof coatings are designed to be spray or roll-applied and will help you expand the life of your roof, rather than replacing it. Whether your roof is made of metal, steel, concrete, or slate, we will get it looking its best again and save you time and money in energy costs. Don’t replace—recoat.  



Is your siding looking a little faded? There’s no need to invest in all new siding when you can freshen up the look of your building with a thorough cleaning and some new paint or stain. We work with a variety of materials and will ensure your siding is repaired and cleaned before we apply fresh paint/stain.

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